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      Along with the diversification of forms of lighting, people from indoor to outdoor, architecture to landscape, of vision and visual field light requirements are also diversified led in the landscape is applied more and more widely, LED lamps and lanterns of expression in the landscape are increasingly rich and colorful, through DMX control software easily control, make the landscape at ordinary times, festivals, major festivals, LED lamps and lanterns and light have a better interpretation of, also adds to the fun of people's daily life. In the light of landscape lighting and architectural lighting focus on outdoor lighting, our products have been widely used in parks, squares, residential, business center, golf club, gas station etc.. In the major city of the country, we can provide our best services and sales of professional solutions. Our design team can quickly back to the special requirements of various architects, such as high-quality lighting scheme, engineering lighting design, professional and responsible attitude to provide customers high quality and had the competitiveness of lighting and a full set of solutions. According to photoelectric lighting with LED lighting project the most advanced technology, and a number of cases of successful lighting project.
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